Trish Stratus New Looks – Did the WWF Diva boost her boobs?

Patricia Anne Strategias is best remembered as a former wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment.  Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on 18 December 1975, Strategias who has stage name Trish Stratus has become a successful fitness model before participating in the wrestling world. Her debut in WWE was as the manager of a male wrestler. Then, she decided to turn herself as a female wrestler and gain her first winning in November 2001. Her performance in WWE can attract much attention of audiences since she always appeared in sexy lingerie. She gained her top popularity in 2003. And she was even called as Diva of the Decade. Having a sexy body and pretty face led her to become magazine model. She often appeared on magazine covers. The sexy stratus decided to marry in 2006 with her fourteen years boyfriend. Now, she is not only an entertainer but also a woman with a child who was born in 2013. However, she never lost her charming as a sexy woman. Her sexy look is reported as a result of the cosmetic procedure.

She is sexier in a new look

Trish status plastic surgery is often regarded as major plastic surgery because of some significant change on her body and face. Her face is very familiar for some WWF Lovers. Her face showed some enhancement in her every performance. She looked sexier and sexier. Her striking sexy look is seen on her huge breast. Many audiences questioned at her boobs look since the size was extremely big, but it appeared very tight and charming. Is it naturally gifted or constructed by the surgeon’s knife? If you often saw her appearance in WWF, you could judge that it is obviously that Trish Stratus has undergone plastic surgery. In her first appearance in WWF, she indeed had big breast, but it’s not that huge. If you’re did not follow Trish’s performance in WWF, you can observe her different look from Trish Stratus before and after plastic surgery. She became the hottest WWF star among all after plastic surgery. Besides boobs job, she was rumored to restructure her nose through plastic surgery. Trish Stratus before nose jobs has a less sharp nose, but after the nose jobs, she appeared in slimmer and sharper nose. When some people tried to find the facts, she denies that her nose and her boobs are constructed by a surgeon’s knife. She implied that nothing changed on her part of the body. According to her, her current look happens naturally because of her great exercise. They never change, but by the very good living style they enhance naturally.

Her face turns into mainly look

After some rumors about boobs jobs and nose jobs, Trish stratus plastic surgery continues with botox injection she received. It’s not that she worried much about bad aging, but it is possible that she expected a sweeter smile. Trish Stratus after surgery had a very sweet smile with fuller cheeks.  If those rumors are true, it means that Trish has spent much money to gain more excellent appearance. Every part enhancing in her body and face is expensive.  Do the enhancements look good on her? The new look of Trish stratus invites pro and contra among WWF fans. Many of them said that Trish Stratus is amazing in her new look; she is sexier than before. She could enhance her potential part of the body. As a result, she became the hottest WWF star. However, her other fans were disappointed with her current look.  According to them Trish Stratus before plastic surgery is hotter. She showed her big natural boobs combined with her athletic body. Her smile indicates cuteness of woman.  While Trish stratus’s look after plastic surgery is manly. Her hot appearance has turned into mainly looks.

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