Bette Midler, It’s Not a Perfect Aging

Bette Midler is a great American singer and songwriter. She is also known as a shining actress, film producer, and entrepreneur for more than thirty years. Midler who was often called by “The Divine Miss M” was born in Honolulu, Hawaii 1 December 1945, devoted her life in the entertainment business since 1965 by playing several roles in some plays. She started singing in 1970 in the continental bath.  Her closeness to Berry Manilow helped her to release her first album, “the divine Miss M.” Since then, she has released numerous albums. Being successful as a singer and songwriter, she never forgot her love for acting. She portrayed various roles in numerous films and television and stage shows.  From their brilliant works, she won three Grammy Award, four Golden Globes, Three Emmy Award, and special Tony award. She has sold more than 30 million records to all over the world.  In 2014, when she is not young anymore, she is still very productive that is proved by her recent album “it’s the girls.” Her way to entertain her fans is always unique, as well as she looks. However, her unique look is lost as the rumor of cosmetic procedure endured. Bette Midler plastic surgery now becomes very famous among all.

Midler’s Look vs. Her Daughter’s Look

We feel both amazed and strange when 66 years old Midler Appear to be wrinkle-free. The first impression coming must be a great feeling to know that she has aged perfectly. However, when we think over and over, how good women manage her body, it is still impossible to have very tight and elastic facial skin at that age. It must be plastic surgery behind that great look. Two years ago, when Betty appeared with her 25 years old daughter, public learned that Betty had wrinkle-free as her daughter. Her perfect look is really against her destiny as a woman who has reached the 70s. Bette Midler plastic surgery might be done for the sake of the young appearance? In an interview a few years ago, she stated that he had not done plastic surgery, but it did not rule out the possibility that he would do so in the future. It is a signal that Midler really does plastic surgery, a facelift and Botox. Probably these recent years are “the future” that Bette meant. Because from Bette Midler before and after plastic surgery photos that are uploaded by media, it seems that she has either effect of benefits from plastic surgery.

What has she got under the knife?

As most actresses do, it is kind of tough to admit this recent beautiful face is unnatural. However, without her admission, publics can judge themselves whether natural face or knife work. From a various photo of Bette Midler before and after surgery, a facelift is obviously done the best for getting back a youthful appearance. After a facelift, Botox injection must be done to get rid of the signs of aging. Although Midler denies it, we can observe on our own from some area in her face Bette Midler after plastic surgery photos. People may age very gracefully, but there are still wrinkles in her forehead. Looking back at Midler’s forehead, it remains very smooth, and sheen looks as well as porcelain. It is possible that she got over-injected of Botox that leaves a very striking effect. While her cheeks show the great result of dermal fillers, when Bette strongly against her plastic surgery rumor, an expert said that she might also have brow lift so her hairline can move back about a centimeter. Bette Midler plastic surgery seems to create Midler’s look become dazzling like a young actress. However, the freezing effect of plastic surgery removes her charismatic looks. She cannot do her natural expression with her tighter skin. If she forces it to do some kind of expression, it will turn to be weird. Do you agree that she undergoes plastic surgery? If it is not the result of plastic surgery, Bettye certainly has good genes and great living style.


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